What''s In Your Basket? - New Fundraiser!!


The next fundraiser at the library will be "What's in YOUR basket?" and will be a basket silent auction running from Nov. 6th through the 18th.  The library is looking for donations of baskets or anything that would or could be found in a basket.  Themes could be Thanksgiving, Birthdays, Kids Fun.  How about an Italian basket with pastas, sauces, olive oil, a cookbook, etc.  Or a picnic basket with plates, silverware, napkins, glasses, salt/pepper shakers, cheese knife, corkscrew, bottle of wine, and a tablecloth?  The sky is the limit.  If you have an idea for a basket but don't have a basket to put the items in the library has several that can be taken and filled.  Please turn in baskets by Saturday, Nov. 4th.