11/29/2022 24th ANNUAL COOKIE WALK! Dec 10th

Mark your calendar for the 24th annual Cookie Walk on Saturday, Dec. 10th, starting at 9am. Santa will be here, so kids, bring your lists! We will again have our raffle for the 3 giant boxes of gifts, one box full of men's gifts, one for women, and one box for children. You can also get a bag of gently used books for $3.00 that day. Hope to see you there!!

11/7/22 Time to Boost Your Immune System!

I've got a song running thru my head. It’s by Bob Dylan......."Knock knock knockin on heavens door". You know the song right? Except....I'm singing "Tap tap tappin at the library" cuz we have that tapping workshop here at the library on Wednesday morning at 9:30am. Hope to see you there! la la la Tap tap tappin at the library...

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