6/13/17 Build a Better World and Avoid the Summer Slide

    Summer's here and that means it's time for our summer reading program.  "Build A Better World" is the theme.  It will run for 4 weeks starting Thursday, June 22nd at 2pm.  Studies indicate that kids who don't read during their summer vacation see their reading skills stagnate or decline. It's called the "Summer Slide".    However the "Summer Slide" can be avoided by simply getting your child engaged in reading, regardless of what they choose to read, so long as they read a bit every day.  Too busy in the summer to set aside reading time?  It could be billboards during a day trip. Rummage sale ads before you go out rummaging.  Cereal boxes at the grocery store.  There are many, many simple ways to add a few minutes of reading to your child's life.  And a really fun way to add reading  to your child's summer?  Joining a summer reading program, which gives your him/her an incentive to read as well.  Our program?  Read 15 minutes a day.  Turn in their reading records weekly to pick from the prize box.  Turn in all 4 weeks cards-reader (and their family) can spend an afternoon with us at Berlin Pool.  So sign your child up today for Build A Better World and join the fun while avoiding the "Summer Slide".