Take me out to the ball game!!  For some people this is the cry of summer and brings back fond memories of going to baseball games with Mom & Dad,  Baseball cards were all the rage and kids traded them under shade trees during the hot summer months and then waited anxiously for the next batch to come out.  Come and revisit that nostalgic time by checking out the new display at the Mill Pond Library in Kingston.

Dan Trotz of Dalton has loaned the library his collection of baseball cards and baseball nostalgia.  Dan started his collecting as a kid some 40 years ago.  One of his uncles who lived in Brooklfield was a painter and actually painted some houses that belonged to baseball players of that time.  His uncle woulld ask for their cards so he could give them to his nephew Dan!  Dan's favorite card is one of Ed Mathews, who played 3rd base for the Milwaukee Braves. 

Dan is also trying to complete a 1969 series of cards that includes Reggie Jackson's rookie card.  The collection has 600 some cards in it and Dan needs 62 more to complete it.  1969 was a year that the cards didn't get printed 2 or 3 times. If cards didn't sell good the 1st time out, they didn't reprint them. He keeps searching though, always enjoying the challenge! The display will be up for the next month.  Stop in and check it out!