25th Annual Cookie Walk December 16th

Doors open at 9am for our 25th Annual Cookie Walk. When you come in the door you’ll get a carry-out container and a glove and can walk around and pick your favorites from the dozen or so tables loaded with cookies and other goodies.

     There are a dozen wondrous winter baskets in the Mmm Mmm Silent Auction that is taking place now and will close at 11am the day of the cookie walk. Each of the baskets or lots would make great Christmas presents, or a fun addition to your home! There’s a 7 quart air-fryer, a basket with canned cheesecake (yes, cheesecake) and Christmas ornaments. A fishing basket, a basket that would make your dog very happy, and a beautiful heart-shaped table to name a few. Stop in any day the library is open and take a peek. You can find pictures here and on  our Facebook page.

     Santa stopped at the library and dropped off 3 big boxes full of wrapped gifts. One box has things for a gentleman, one for a woman, and one filled with gifts for children. Tickets are on sale from now until the Cookie Walk. $1.00 each or 6 for $5.00 and you can put them in the jar of your choice.  There will be 3 winners, and each will take home an entire box of gifts. Get your tickets now to have a chance to win. The drawing will be on Saturday, Dec. 16th at 11am.
     And Santa will be back for the cookie walk, from 9am until 11am, to hear your children's wish lists!  And we will be having a $3.00/bag book sale of gently used books, in our back room.

Hope to see you there!!

#1 Mmm Mmm Ice Cream Basket.#2 Mmm Mmm Air Fryer#3 Mmm Mmm Many Purses Basket.#4 Mmm Mmm Amazing Table#5 Mmm Mmm Bloddy Mary's Basket.#6 Mmm Mmm Snow Friends.#7 Mmm Mmm Cheesecake.#8 Mmm Mmm Doggie#9 Mmm Mmm Fishing.#10 Mmm Mmm Snack Time.#11 Mmm Mmm Let's Sled.