Tip the Teeter Contest in October

         Remember the Penny War between the 5 Green Lake County Libraries?  Well, this year only 2 of us wanted to do it again, Kingston being one of those.  So…we decided to come up with a new fun way to collect pennies (or any other change).  It is the “Tip the Teeter” contest which will start on Monday, Oct. 2nd.    Each week, for 5 weeks, the library will be putting a weighted prize on the end of our teeter totter.  If you bring in coins, and your coins tip the teeter totter that week, you take home the prize.  Our goal is to raise one penny more than last year’s penny war, which would be $3283.85.  And if we do, we will once again throw an ice cream sundae event to celebrate. 

         Speaking of celebrating, we have another event to add to the celebration.  Sara is starting her 30th year working at the library this month.  We asked Sara if she ever thought she would still be in that position 30 years later.  “Nope.  I told the library board when they hired me, that I would work until my daughter started school, and then I would be looking for an accounting job which is what I went to college for.”  Well, that daughter has grown up and graduated, and now Sara is raising her granddaughter who is already in the 6th grade, so that prophecy never came true.  Sara has made a lot of memories over the last 30 years.  Her biggest one probably being getting a building fund underway, and eventually moving into the new library building.   

         Thanks to all who made our Meat Raffle a huge success. About 50 people showed up at Lake View Inn to buy tickets for a chance to win some tasty varieties of meat.  A lot of fun was had by all and we raised $2079.00!  Our library wouldn’t be the place it is without all the support we get from those who come to our fundraisers, from those who make donations, from those who volunteer.  We greatly appreciate you all!!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!