The Lakeview Inn, on Hwy 44 outside of Markesan, is holding a meat raffle fundraiser for our library on Sunday, Sept. 10th. The fun will begin at 1pm.

Never been to a meat raffle? Here’s how it works. There will be 4 “rounds” of meat. A round might contain 5 or 6 packages of prime cuts or different varieties of various meats. Ticket sellers walk around the restaurant selling tickets for each round. Tickets cost $5.00 each, or 3/$10.00. You keep half the ticket and the other half goes in the spinning ticket barrel. If there are 5 cuts of meat in the round, the first number (winner) drawn gets to come up and take their pick of the 5 packages. Now there are 4 packages left and the next number is drawn, and that person gets to take their choice. So for each round there are 5 or 6 winners, depending on the number of items in the round. The last round of the meat raffle is a 50/50 raffle. You can buy any amount of tickets. That round has only 1 winner, but that winner gets half of the ticket amount sold, with the other half going to the library. There will also be a few silent auction items that day to bid on.

If you come to the meat raffle and win one of the meat prizes, you are getting your money’s worth. BUT… if you don’t win a meat item, you are still a winner, because each round you participate in helps support our library! And we greatly appreciate each and every one of you!! Hope to see you at the Lakeview Inn on Sunday, Sept. 10th!!