Wellness Program on Wednesday - May 11th

Does life have you feeling stressed? Do these gray, rainy days have you feeling down? If so, come to our Wellness Program on Acupressure on Wednesday May 11th at 9:30 am. What might you learn? Sue Johnson, a Reiki master teacher, also certified in clinical acupressure, will be talking on a number of topics. You’ll get an introduction to Chinese medicine and your body’s energy. Learn what acupressure is. AND… learn how to “push your own buttons” using acupressure to practice stress release. That’s right, you can learn a technique that could be used at home, or at the office, or wherever you might need it, to relax and relieve stress. So mark your calendar for next Wednesday, and head to the library for a presentation that will help you feel brighter and lighter in no time at all!