2/5/19 What Do You Love About Your Library?

    If you stop at the Library during the month of February you will notice a new display as you walk in.  It's titled "What Do You Love About Your Library?"  If you can't think of something to write, Cupid is waiting there with his arrows to make you fall in love with the library all over again.  And we all know a library display wouldn't be complete without books, so you'll also find the newest popular romances to
check out.  Stop by today to tell us what you love about the library!
      We still have a few tables available for our Spring Fling.  The date is Saturday, April 13th, from 9am to 1pm.  Do you make something (crafts, jewelry, etc.) and need a place to sell it?  How about at our Spring Fling!
Last year we had a wide variety of items for sale, from quilts to walking sticks to fudge to name a few.  Price of a table is $25.00.  Use the space yourself or split it with a friend.  The library will be serving food that day also.  Call today to reserve your table, 920-394-3281 and come help us celebrate Spring!
    State tax forms are available now and we have heard the Federal forms are on the way.  If you need a form, stop at any of the Green Lake County libraries to pick one up.