8/21/17 Favorite Author Club

     Have you ever gone to the store and saw that your favorite author has a new book out and you had no clue?  Now you'll have to wait in line at the library to get it to read or listen to.  UNLESS... you have signed up for the Favorite Author Club.  This new feature in our catalog allows library card holders to select from a list of popular authors that regularly publish new titles.   Simply sign into your account, and look for the new tab "Favorite Author Club".  When you click on that tab a list of almost a 100 popular authors will come up.  Check the boxes next to the authors you want to follow, choose which format you want (Book, CD-Book, or LargePrint) and click “Submit".  When a new title by your favorite author is added to our database, a hold is automatically placed.  No more waiting in line for your favorite book!    Check out the new feature the next time you log in.