3/6/17 April Showers Fundraiser

...Every spring our library has a painting fundraiser.  We have done painted chairs, painted rocks, painted flower pots, painted screens, and painted windows to name a few.  This year we are going to try painted umbrellas, thus the name "April Showers" for the fundraiser.  Have an old umbrella that's been hanging in the hallway?  Turn it into something you'd love to give away!  Don’t have an umbrella?  Don’t despair.  Pick one up at the library, or even a pair!  Can't paint a lick?  Find someone else to make it slick.  it wouldn't have to be painted either, you could use markers or beads or any other type of product to decorate it as well.  If you have internet access simply type in "painted umbrellas" and you will get thousands of ideals!  Or stop in at the library and pick up a book on painting.  I had one customer ask "Could I paint an umbrella stand?"  Of course.  So if you'd like to create a wonderful "something" for us to auction off, please turn it in to the library by March 29th.