3/16/16 Pretty Pallet Project Fundraiser

We are working on our next fundraiser.  Pretty Pallet Projects!  Wood pallets have long been vital to shipping processes.  Much more recently, they have become popular for home and outdoor projects.  It's not hard to see why.  Pallet wood is cheaper than regular wood, and using it is a form of recycling.  Perhaps more important than that though, is a pallets character.  All wood is unique, but pallets  add to that a patina if you will.  They are weathered.  They are distressed.  They are aged.  They have served a purpose and are ready for more.  And more is what the library is hoping for!  You can stop in and take a pallet home today, to create a unique and rustic piece of furniture, or a fun piece of garden art, or maybe a great storage solution.  Whatever comes to mind.  And in nothing comes to mind you can get lots of ideas from the internet.  Simply type in "Pallet Project" in any search engine, and you will see hundreds of projects pop up.  The library also has several books that you could come in and look at when picking up  your pallet.  Thanks to Kevin Denson of Dalton Lumber for donating the large pallets to the library for our project, and to Danielle Plagenz for delivering them.  We also have some mini pallets that were made by Joy Waterbury out of scrap lumber she had left over from some home repairs.  Pretty Pallet Projects need to be turned in to the library by April 23rd and the we will hold a silent auction for the items from Monday, April 25th thru Saturday, May 7th.  Money raised from the project will go towards some much needed new shelving.