7/17/15 Every Hero Has a Story

    Hero #3, of our "Every Hero Has a Story" summer reading program was Becky Knight.  Becky is an entomologist or bug scientist.  She read Leo the Lightning Bug by author Eric Drachman.  Mr. Drachman said, "I was inspired to write "Leo the Lightning Bug" one summer while watching a tremendous thunder storm from a screened in porch in the woods. The lightning was striking all around the cottage when I saw a little lightning bug fly by the screen lighting up his own light! I thought to myself, "I wonder if he thinks he's doing all of this?!?" ...and Leo was born. His struggle (with his small size and lack of self-confidence) is not unique to fireflies in the woods - all kids (and most adults) can relate to Leo's adventure."  Becky talked about lightening bugs to the children, explaining that they are part of the beetle family. She asked them if they knew how many different species of beetles there were?  The answer....about 400,000.  Did you also know that fireflies lights may be  yellow, green, or pale red?  Interesting facts for the children to learn.  The story hour finished with a hunt around the library to find 10 different objects that a scientist might study, and making their own trail mix.