4/2/15 "Purse-suit" of Happiness Fundraisier!

We cordially "purse-suades" you to help us "purse-sue" a very special kind of Silent Auction.

The Mill Pond Library in Kingston cordially "purse-suades" you to help us "purse-sue" a very special kind of Silent Auction.  Imagine your library filled with elegant hand bags that "clutch" your attention, filled with "purse-sonalized" gifts to amuse, entertain, pamper and surprise.  Over the next few weeks the Library needs creative "purse-ons" to rummage through the closet and latch onto those often once used and now unwanted hand bags.  Fill them with things other people might enjoy.  Maybe a bottle of Champagne, wine-glasses, and a romantic DVD create the perfect "purse-ona" presented in a shiny red tote.  Grab your alligator baguette, throw in some potting soil, add a plant or flower for the perfect hanging garden accent.  You get the idea; it's like a gift-basket, only more "purse-onal".  With Mother's Day just around the corner, nothing could be better than a beautiful purse filled with Mom's favorite things.  And we don't want the guys to feel "purse-cuted", so how about a camouflage backpack or barrel bag with tools or items for a day of fishing.  Not feeling creative?  Just leave your empty baggage at the library and we'll take care of creatively filling them so each purse will "tote" its own "purse-onality".  So many beautiful purses you'll find it difficult to maintain your "purse-spective".  Finally on April 27th the "Purse-suit" of Happiness silent auction begins and will run until Saturday, May 2nd.  Bid perhaps on a goodie-filled Gucci or capacity-crammed Coach.  "Purse-severe" throughout the week to check your bids often.  If you're "purse-sistant" you'll come out a winner.