Silk Flower Veteran History Display at the Library

Janet Burdick of Marquette has filled the display case at the library in Kingston with items that she hopes will help to educate patrons on Veterans. Included in the display are silk flower arrangements that commemorate Memorial Day, Veterans Day, Pearl Harbor Day, Flag Day, and POW-MIA's. Each flower arrangement has a description of the flowers and other materials used, and what each item represents.

There is also a bit of history about each of the 4 days and our POW's. Military scrapbooks are also available to look at. These books cover many of the Veterans of Grand View Cemetery in Marquette. They date from the following wars: War of 1812, Civil War, Spanish American War, World War I & II, Berlin Crisis, the wars of Germany,Korea, and Vietnam, and also Peace Time service. Janet has prepared all this information in preparation for the Veterans Awareness ROSE Tribute Open House, which will be held Saturday, May 26th at the Marquette Village Hall from 9am to 1pm. A silent auction will also be held that day to raise funds for the ROSE Tribute, to be erected in Grand View Cemetery. A 20 foot flag pole has been installed as the first phase of the tribute. Its first official day of service was Nov. 11, 2011 in commemoration of Armistice Day.

Janet will also be giving an informational cemetery walk that day at 11am.  Besides the Veterans Open House & Cemetery Walk, the Marquette Volunteer Fire Department will host their annual brat and bake sale at the fire station. And the Marquette Historical Society Museum will be open to the public. There will also be a village wide rummage sale for those of you who love to hunt for treasures. Mark the day on your calendar!!