Help us WIN the Penny War this Year!!

In the month of July, the 5 Green Lake County libraries will ask for your pennies (and any other coins you’d like to donate.)  Each library will see who can raise the most during the month.  The winning library will get the trophy for one year along with bragging rights.  And the losing librarians will have to host an ice cream social at the winning library.  The date for that ice cream social will be decided after the contest is done, to fit in with everyone’s busy summer schedules.  Totals will be posted each week on library websites and Facebook pages.  Last year our library (the smallest of the five libraries) lost to the Berlin Library (the biggest of the five) by only $5.05.  We do not want to repeat that this year!! We hope to see you coming in with jars, and bags, and wagonloads of pennies!! We may be small but we WILL be a mighty competitor!!