What is Your "Common Thread"?

Have you read the Common Threads book?  It is a book that was written, assembled, and bound by the Friends of the Mill Pond Library in celebration of Wisconsin’s 150th birthday, and the arrival of the Military Road Wagon Train at Kingston on June 8th, 1998.  This collection of history from Kingston, Dalton, Marquette, and Manchester, was compiled from many sources and previous authors, most unpublished, who had the foresight to record our history.  Many of these people are unknown and unaware of the treasures they left behind.  The term “Common Threads” is defined as a continuing element belonging to or shared by two or more individuals or by all members of a group.  Our library, our history, and our people comprise these elements, that when woven together, give us a better understanding of community. Thanks to Kathy Scheier, Joy Waterbury, Ruth Plautz, and Judy Bender, who worked on compiling the photos and articles and getting everything ready to go.   Originally 150 copies of the book were printed, with a hardcover, and covered with a quilt design book cover.  Due to several requests, we have looked into re-printing the book, and will soon have 25 copies available for sale.  In order to keep the price at $50.00 the cover will be a paper cover, laminated to hold up well.  If you lent your book out, and it never came back, or if you missed out on purchasing a book originally, now is your chance to order one.  Call the library today to reserve your copy.