The 1st baskets have come in for our next fundraiser.  The theme this year is “Fall for the Library”.   Can’t think of an idea?   How about a basket with things you’d use when watching a football game.  Or a soup basket for when the weather turns chilly.   What about a game night basket, or something to do with Fall gardening.  We come up with a theme each year but if you can’t think of a basket with a Fall theme we would gladly take something else too.   We have lots of baskets available if you need an empty one to start with.  And if you’re not good at arranging , you can bring items into the library and we’d be happy to do the basket for you.  The silent auction will start Monday, Oct. 25th and run thru Saturday, Nov. 6th.           

#1 Morning Pumpkin by Rosanna Wendlandt    #2 Girls Will Fall for This by Michelle MacHugo#3 I Love Fall Most of All by Lori Krueger.#4 Fall Makes Me Smile by Pam Jenkins#5 I'll Never Leaf You by Janet & Bob Burdick#6 Fall..Food and Friends by Janet and Bob Burdick.#7 Kick Off Fall by Sara Wilson#8 Leaf Me A Note by Anonymous#9 Falling for Coffee by Lorrie Jansma#10 Fall is Soup-er by Lorrie Jansma#11 Grateful For Fall by Janet & Bob Burdick.#12 Leaves R Falling, Autumns Calling by Julie Barden#13 Cozy Feet, Yummy treats by Susan Winchell#14 It's Vin O'clock by Sara Wilson#15 Feed me this Fall by Ruby Miller#16 Family Fun by Lorrie Jansma#17 Happy Feet Happy People by Anonymous#18 Hello Fall by Kim Zills#19 Pumpkin Fever by Anonymous#20 Get Juiced by Emerald Wilson#21 DR. MCGILLICUDDYS VACCINE by Emerald Wilson#22 PUMPKIN SPICE IS NICE by Carrie Kohn#23 I FIND YOU A PEEL-ING by Carrie Kohn#24 GATHER TOGETHER by June Klawitter.#25 FALL FEMININE by Lorrie Jansma#26 FALL HARVEST by Danielle Plagenz.#27 YOU'RE THE BOMB by Carrie Kohn#28 I APPLE SOLUTELY LOVE CIDER by Carrie Kohn#29 Gobble til you Wobble by Kim Klotzbach#30 Warm Up Your Brain by Lenny Glover#31 Blessed Fall by Sue Wendt#32 Bedtime for Biscuit by Cally Hunter#33 Opening Day Hooray by Jamie Walker.