6/8/21 Penny War

 In July the five Green Lake County Libraries (Kingston, Green Lake, Princeton, Markesan, and Berlin) will be asking for your pennies.  And any other coins you would like to donate.  Each library will see who can raise the most during the month.  Weekly totals will be posted on our Green Lake County Reads Facebook page so you can track the progress of your favorite library.  The winning library (I’m sure it will be Kingston) will get a trophy for a year, and then have to battle to keep it next year.  The losing librarians will get to host an ice cream social at the winning library (again I’m pretty sure it will be Kingston).  You may think as you are reading this article that I don’t like my fellow librarians but that couldn’t be further from the truth.  They are all great ladies and I have enjoyed working with them for years.  But… being the smallest library in Green Lake County does sometimes put the pressure on.  So I would like to show Green Lake, Princeton, Markesan, and Berlin, that even though Kingston is the smallest library in the County, we have the very best customers and supporters.  So please, start saving your pennies (and other coins) and bring them to the our library in July.  Abe Lincoln will be here to swallow them up for us and hold on to them each week.  Can you taste that delicious ice cream sundae?  I think I can!!