12/1/2020 COOKIE WALK!!!

                It’s almost here….mark your calendars for our annual cookie walk.  Did you know it’s been happening for over 20 years now?  The first year we held it was the year we received the grocery store building and had yet to transform it into the new library.  All we had done by that December was empty out the shelves and refrigerators.  If you look at the picture you can see where we hung table clothes to cover the bare walls where coolers had been pulled out.  And looking at the floor you can see part of it has tile, and part doesn’t.  The bare floor was where the shelves of groceries had sat.  And we only had 3 or 4 tables of cookies that first year.  A lot has changed since then.  Santa stops in each year now, to see the children and hear what they want for Christmas.  Our book sale room is set up permanently, and this year books will be $2.00 a bag full.  And now it’s not unusual to  have a dozen tables full of cookies.   Some years we have raffles or mystery gifts to bid on also.

                The cookie walk will be on Saturday, Dec. 12th, opening at 9am.  But some things will change this year as well, due to the virus.  We are limiting the number of people in the library at one time.  We will have 6 foot markers around the tables for social distancing.  People will only be able to go one way around the tables and then pay at the end and head out the door so the next person/s can come in.  We aren’t having our surprise gifts this year, so people won’t be standing and filling out raffle slips.  Santa will be outside the library in an enclosure, so there won’t be a continuous line of parents with children going in and out of the library to see him.   Gloves will be provided, and masks required.  Also, for those who bake for us and drop cookies off on Friday night,  a table will be set up outside the library where the cookies can be left and library volunteers will bring them in.  Trays are available now if you would like to pick one /some up, so cookies don’t have to be transferred from your nice containers to our trays.  Trays can be picked up curbside as well, just give us a call (920-394-3281) and we’d be happy to set some out for you. 

                Hope to see you at the Cookie Walk!!