5/12/2020 Fund Raiser Update! Safer at Home is For the Birds

We are changing the name of our fundraiser. At our recent board meeting we decided to change the name to “Safer at Home is For the Birds” as we sat 6 feet apart from each other, with face masks on. The silent auction will now be held Tuesday, May 26th through Saturday, June 6th. We will plan for the worst and hope for the best, meaning we hope that by the end of the month libraries will be back open to the public (even if it’s under restrictions). If, however, we are not open to the public we still plan on doing the silent auction. How? Pictures of all items in the auction will be here on our library website (https://www.millpondlibrary.org/node/1282) and also on our Facebook page (under Mill Pond Library).  Each item will be numbered. If the library is not open to the public, to bid people will be able to call the library (920-394-3281) and place a bid, or send an email (wilson@millpondlibrary.org) with a bid. During the hours the library is open, we will update the high bids as they come in. Each day by 6:30pm the high bid will be posted by each picture. Also, if the library is still closed we hope we will have some nice days during that 2 week period so we can move the items out in front of the library for people to look at (in person) and bid on. As I said before, we are planning for the worst and hoping for the best because these lovely items would be a perfect addition to your gardens and yards.