"For the Birds" Fundraiser!

We have a new display up at the library for our next fundraiser.  “It’s For the Birds” is the theme, and we are hoping folks will make, decorate, or donate something for our silent auction.  Bird feeders, bird houses, plant stakes, windchimes, garden decorations, benches, planters, etc.  Need an idea?  Check out a book form the new display.  There are books on making bird houses, and books on decorating them for garden art.  There are books on how to paint and draw birds, and books on scarecrows to keep them away.  Anything to do with birds will work.  Dave Pollesch, of Kingston, is making some birdhouses  that anyone can take and decorate for the auction which will start Monday, April 20th and end on Saturday, May 2nd.  That’s a week before Mother’s Day if you are looking for a unique gift for her.   Funds raised from the auction will go towards programming in our newly renovated reading room.  Have you stopped by to see it?  There are comfy rocking chairs, a puzzle table, crossword books, and a coffee and snack bar.  Come and spend an hour reading or working on the current puzzle.  Or bring a friend, and the craft you are working on, and just spend some time visiting. Hope to see you soon!