7/17/19 Paint Your Junk Fundraiser!

PAINT YOUR JUNK......We've painted chairs, rocks, windows, pallets, flower pots, and umbrellas, just to name a few, for fundraisers at the Mill Pond Library in Kingston.  This year when we were trying to think what else we could paint, one board member said, "How about we just paint our junk?"  And so our next fundraiser was born.  We will auctioning off the unique painted "junk" that has been donated to the library from August 12th thru August 24th.  Have an old lampshade, a wooden chair, a watering can?  One person has said they are going to paint an antique bedpan!  The library has some old windows and also some wooden chairs available if you would like to pick one up and try your hand.  This year the sky is the limit on what could be done and donated for our auction.  So scour your garages and attics for that item, get out your paints, and be creative.  Items need to be turned in to the library by Saturday, August 10th.