6/27/18 Libraries ROCK!!

    The summer reading program theme this year is Libraries Rock, and this past week the library rocking!  Tom Winkers, band director at Markesan School, read the story "Violets Music" by Angela Johnson.  There's nothing Violet loves more than music, and she plays or sings every chance she gets.  But where are the other kids like her-kids who think and dream music all day long?  As a baby, in kindergarten, at the beach and the zoo, she never gives up looking for companions.  "Violet's Music" sings to us that the right friend is always out there-as long as we keep looking and hoping, and above all, staying true to ourselves.  Tom didn't just read the story either, he also provided sound effects.  When Violet was just a baby she banged her rattle against the crib, and Tom shook a homemade rattle.  He also brought and played a bongo drum, a trumpet, and a guitar.  After the story Tom played a few songs on the guitar and the children sang along.  For a craft they made their own guitars out of sturdy paper plates, paint sticks, and rubberbands.  This next week we'll be reading about fossils and then making one.  Come join us on Thursdays at 2pm!