6/14/18 1st Week of Summer Reading Program!

The story for the day was Rhoda's Rock Hunt by Molly Beth Griffin.  Rhoda is on a long, long hike with her aunt and uncle, each of them carrying backpacks of gear as they walk through the north woods. While Auntie June and Uncle Jonah watch for wildlife and set up their campsites, Rhoda is on the hunt for one thing: ROCKS. She finds them in all shapes and patterns, from hearts and hats to stripes and sparkles. And every last treasure goes into her pack, making it heavier and heavier as they hike through forests and along streams. Soon Rhoda is sweaty, and tired of salami sandwiches, and wishing for her own bed. Then, on the last day, they come to the Big Lake. And its beach is covered in rocks. Rhoda can't believe her luck.  After hours of play and even more rock discoveries, it's time to head for home but by now Rhoda's pack is too heavy to lift. Will she give up her rocks?  Or will she stay on the beach forever with her beloved collection?  Ask any of the children who attended the first weeks program to find out how the story ends!  After the story the children decorated rocks for the Kindness Rocks Project, then checked out books to take home for a week of reading, 20 minutes each day. 

This Thursday we will switch gears and go with a rock n roll theme.  We have special guest Tom Winkers helping out for our program.  Tom teaches band and guitar lessons at Markesan District Schools and will be reading the story Violets Music to the children and helping them make their own guitar.  The program starts at 2pm, and all ages are welcome.