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7/17/19 Paint Your Junk Fundraiser!

PAINT YOUR JUNK......We've painted chairs, rocks, windows, pallets, flower pots, and umbrellas, just to name a few, for fundraisers at the Mill Pond Library in Kingston.  This year when we were trying to think what else we could paint, one board member said, "How about we just paint our junk?"  And so our next fundraiser was born.  We will auctioning off the unique painted "junk" that has be

7/9/19 Books...because there is always room for Improvement!

   We have a new display up for the month of July.  "Books....Because there is always room for improvement!"  You can find the newest book on remodeling your kitchen or bathroom.  Or learn how to easily paint any room in your house.  Need to build a deck? Reupholster a chair?  How about building that shed you've always wanted?  You can find those books and more in this months display.  Don't put off that remodeling job any longer, stop in today and find out how to get it done.

4/27/19 Customer Service

Today a customer came in, she brought her grandkids. They all got books and a couple movies. Checked everything out and home they went. A few minutes later, I received a call...she had forgotten her "on hold" movies! Could she come back and get them?  'Of course" I said!  I checked out the movies and waited by the door until she came...I quick ran out so she wouldn't have to park and handed her her movies. She was so happy to be able to "grab & run". We always aim to please! What does your library do for you?

04/24/19 Movie Saturday!

One of our book club members brought in the movie "If Beale Street Could Talk" and you are invited to come and watch it this Saturday morning, April 27th, at 9am here at the library in the reading room. It won an Academy Award and also a Golden Globe award for best performance by an actress in a supporting role. The story is about Tish and Alonzo, young African Americans in Harlem, in the 1970s, and in love. This is the story of their relationship, and the challenges it faces during the era. Bring your coffee or drink, and enjoy a movie and a bit of discussion afterwards


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