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"Let's Make Painting Contagious" Fundraiser

"Lets Make Painting Contagious" will be our next fundraiser with donations being auctioned off in a silent auction, starting April 19th. We are looking for donations of anything painted. (A silo might not work, but it was very cool!) It could be a mirror though, or a pretty jar, a dresser, a rock. Anything painted (that you can carry into the library) would be an eligible entry. We do have some wooden chairs available if you would like to try your hand at that. Items can be turned in by Saturday, April 17th, and the bidding will begin the following Monday and go for two weeks.

1/6/2021 Round Up for the Library!

The Piggly Wiggly in Markesan is doing a Round-Up for us!! That means if you shop there any time in the next 10 days and you round-up your bill the library gets the extra change. So for example, if your bill is $5.75 and you round-up to $6.00, the library gets a quarter. The Round-up runs until Sunday, January 17th. The money will be used for new books.  Thank you in advance if you round-up and help us stock our shelves!


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