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Making Carolers Class

Learn to make adorable carolers that can sit outside or inside to decorate for the season on  Tuesday, Dec. 11th, 6pm.
Items you will need to bring with you:

2 Small Adult Sweaters or Sweatshirts(Clean out your closet or check out Goodwill-they have lots.) 2 Childrens Hats & 2 Scarves (Dollar tree is a great place to find these if you don't have some at home.)

1844 Quilt On Display

We are displaying a pre-civil war signature quilt made in 1844 in Brookline, MA. The quilt will be on display and raffle tickets sold from November 5th through the 23rd. The quilt, an amazingly intact piece of history, is part of “The Quilt That Built a Library” yearlong fundraising effort by the Princeton Public LIbrary. Visitors, quilters, historians and genealogy aficionados are encouraged to stop in to see the quilt up close. Raffle tickets will be sold, as one lucky person will win this 1844 treasure on the drawing date of March 15, 2013.

A to Z Story Hour and More at the Library in Kingston...

School isn't the only thing that starts in September. It's also the month that story hour starts again at the Mill Pond Public Library in Kingston.  This year the theme will focus on the alphabet, with a different letter each week, and special crafts and themes for the holidays!  The programs will be held on Thursday afternoons, starting on Sept 20th, at 4:30pm at the library.  Each week there will be a story, then the children do a craft and have a light snack. All ages are welcome to attend.


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