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7/28/15 Hero #4 Incredible Bats

Hero #4 of our "Every Hero Has a Story" summer reading program was Sharon Peterson.  Sharon is an elementary school teacher and has been trained by Bat Conservation International in the conservation of bats.  She brought along several live Egyptian Fruit Bats and an African Straw-Colored Fruit Bat.  Her "Incredible Bats" program featured a slide presentation and then she brought out the live bats.  The slide presentation was very informative but seeing the bats live and in person was the real show stopper.  Children were allowed to pet a bat while Sharon held it and walked around the room t

7/17/15 Every Hero Has a Story

    Hero #3, of our "Every Hero Has a Story" summer reading program was Becky Knight.  Becky is an entomologist or bug scientist.  She read Leo the Lightning Bug by author Eric Drachman.  Mr. Drachman said, "I was inspired to write "Leo the Lightning Bug" one summer while watching a tremendous thunder storm from a screened in porch in the woods. The lightning was striking all around the cottage when I saw a little lightning bug fly by the screen lighting up his own light! I thought to myself, "I wonder if he thinks he's doing all of this?!?" ...and Leo was born.

7/2/15 Every Hero Has A Story - Summer Reading Program

Every Hero Has A Story is the summer reading program theme, and our 1st hero to read to the children was Doug Stoll. Doug served 10 years in the Army and read the book "Because You Serve" by Amy Young. The book is dedicated to everyone whose life has changed for freedom. Doug brought a flag for each child, they made wreaths out of red, white, and blue stars for their craft, and decorated star cookies for a treat. If you look closely you will also see Super Reader!!

06-24-2015 Summer Reading Program-Sign up today!

Starting on Thursday, July 2nd at 2pm, and running for 4 weeks, we will be holding our Summer Reading Program.   The theme this year is "Every Hero Has a Story" and we have different heroes coming in to read a story and talk about their professions.   To start off on July 2nd Doug Stoll will be reading and talking about his experiences in the military.  On July 16th Becky Knight who is a scientist will read and talk about the important work scientists perform.  On July 23rd the programs is about a woman who raises bats.  I know some would say "Bats, ewwww!" but bats can be heroes too.  Did

06-02-2015 2nd Annual Photography Club Exhibit & Sale

The Photography Club is holding their 2nd annual photo exhibit and sale here at the library.  Each member of the club has donated several matted prints and they are on display from now until June 20th.  There are a wide range of subjects in the photos, from nature to our rural community.  An old truck in the weeds, various poses of bovine, city lights at night, to mention a few.   There are prints in black and white, and color.  The prints cost $20.00 each and sales benefit the Mill Pond Library.  The photography club meets regularly to share ideas, study photo techniques, and shoot togethe

3/9/15 Library News - Lots of things coming up!

Both Markesan and Kingston libraries are actively collecting coins in the Penny War that started Feb. 16th and will end on March 16th.  Markesan was the challenger and Kingston is working hard to be a great competitor.  It is a fun rivalry between 2 close libraries and it benefits both with monies raised as well.  The loser of the challenge has to display a booby prize (provided by the winning library) for the following month.  So please, bring your pennies in today!!


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