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6/14/18 1st Week of Summer Reading Program!

The story for the day was Rhoda's Rock Hunt by Molly Beth Griffin.  Rhoda is on a long, long hike with her aunt and uncle, each of them carrying backpacks of gear as they walk through the north woods. While Auntie June and Uncle Jonah watch for wildlife and set up their campsites, Rhoda is on the hunt for one thing: ROCKS. She finds them in all shapes and patterns, from hearts and hats to stripes and sparkles. And every last treasure goes into her pack, making it heavier and heavier as they hike through forests and along streams.

6/11/18 Summer Reading Program - Kindness Rocks Project

Looking for a fun and easy way to teach your kids about kindness? Consider coming to the library this Thursday at 2pm for our Summer Reading Program.  We'll be making painted rocks as our project and then distribute them around town, joining the Kindness Rocks Project . The latest (and maybe the sweetest) craze to sweep the country has artists of all ages spreading happy thoughts by way of painted rocks.


Our next event at the library will be the Spring Fling taking place on Saturday, April 21st, from 9am until 1pm. We have 10 vendors signed up so far, selling a variety of items, and the library will be selling food that day as well. If you've been thinking of getting a table, don't delay, call the library today at 920-394-3281 to reserve your spot. Vendors will be able to come that Friday evening before, April 20th, from 5 to 7pm to set up their areas if they would like.

3/14/18 Winner of "Blind Date with a Book"

On March 7th the library finished their "Blind Date with a Book" event by picking a name out of the readers who had turned in a "rate your date" slip. Abigail Marcov of Dalton was that lucky winner. She got to take home a lovely basket filled with different kinds of chocolates. Abigail was tickled pink as she is new to the library and thought the contest was great fun. She "loved" the book that she read and would "date" another book by that author.

2/28/18 Fresh Look

If you stopped by the library this week the first thing you smelled when you came in the door was fresh paint.  We moved to the new building in January of 2003 and it is time to freshen up some of the painted wall areas.

1/29/18 Loosely Bound Bookclub

Did you know there is a bookclub at the Library? Yup, they get together and meet on the last Thursday of every moth except December! Below is a list of the books they have chosen this year! Check out the calender for more information on the book for the month! You can check out the books about a month ahead of the meeting so you have plenty of time to enjoy a new and different read! Come and join in a fun and interesting group. See you there!


6PM at the Mill Pond Public Library



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